Cam Slings That Dont Fit.

May 15 , 2023


Marten Penrose

Cam Slings That Dont Fit.

A heads up, to what fits what.

There are many options for your cam slings, choosing the right option is quite important!

Ultimately the choise is yours, but in the interest of safety here is some info for you to think about -

Cams come in many different styles, when it comes to the sling attachment part, there is 2 main ways, A solid eye, and a wider wire eye.

This part of the cam may go by many names, thumb loop, press, eye, termination, hole on the end, heres a simple look at the difference between.


At first glance it may look as if any sling may fit any cam, but no!
If perhaps you were thinking 'Ahh a reinforced sling sounds strong, ill order that one' but you have a small metal eye on your cams then problems will follow.
While technically its possible to do that, the reinforcement part is both useless to your need and will get in te way of your thumb to opem the cam. (This is a common misunderstanding hence it being mentioned first) The 2nd green sling above shows a reinforced eye on a tight metal eye, the reinforcement is to stop the webbing being severed in the case of a big enough fall that distorts the wire eye.
Here is a link to a great bit of info from Black Diamond on the subject -
Wild Country Technical Friends, this is the second most asked for issue, the hole on these seems to be a smidge smaller than other cams, while it is possible to resling them with a doubled Dyneema loop, extending and retracting the loop is very hard to do.
Wild contry double loop Dyneema

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